Yamaha HS8W 8" White Studio Monitor

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Yamaha HS8W 8" White Studio Monitoricon  

รหัส : 124021
ยี่ห้อ : Yamaha
รุ่น : HS8W
ราคาปกติ :  16,500.00      
ราคาพิเศษ :  15,500.00
ไฟล์เอกสาร : HS8W-Studio.png
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Yamaha HS Series - Born from the Legendary NS-10M

The HS8W monitors are some of the best performing monitors in their class and price range. They are born from the rich heritage of the NS-10M. In just about every major studio in the world, the iconic white cones of the Yamaha NS-10M monitors can be seen sitting on the meter bridge of the console. Why? Because the NS-10M's frequency response is considered to be extremely "flat" and if your mix sounded good in them, they would sound good anywhere.

While the NS-10M is no longer in production, Yamaha has taken that heritage and applied it to the HS8W. Focusing on sonic purity, the HS8W delivers your mix in the most natural and accurate way possible. Newly developed transducers, a high performance amplifier, low resonance enclosure design, and professional I/O make the HS series some of Yamaha's best, and the best you'll find in a home studio.

New Transducer Design

Image of the Yamaha HS8W at an angle.

The HS8W is the largest in the HS line. The HS8W features Yamaha's new 8" woofer design that is capable of response down to 38Hz, more than enough low-end for just about every style of music. The new woofers use carefully selected magnets to provide ultra-low distortion and defined bottom at just about any volume level.

All of the HS monitors, including the HS8W, include a brand new 1" dome tweeter design that is extremely efficient and is extends the high frequency response all the way up to 30kHz. The HS8W's tweeter uses a wave guide specially designed to minimize internal vibration, ensuring that what you're hearing is your music and not the hardware itself.

New Noise Reducing Port Design

The HS8W monitor, along with the rest of the HS line, feature Yamaha's new noise reduction technology. Using highly sophisticated computer audio imaging technology, Yamaha engineers have developed a new port technology that is capable of reducing audible noise up to 6dB. This technology minimizes air vibrations inside the port itself, as well as reduced resonance within the enclosure itself.

I/O and TRIM Controls

Image of the rear of the Yamaha HS8W studio monitor.

The HS8W studio monitor has the professional audio connections you need to connect to your audio interface or output card. The HS8W has both XLR and ¼" TRS connections. There is also a level control that allows you to balance the input level for the device you're connected to.

Most of the time in a home studio environment, studio monitors are sitting atop a desk, usually up against a wall or corner. While this is not the most ideal placement, it's the only choice sometimes because of space constraints within the room. Bedrooms and basements are where you'll find most studio spaces in a home. When backed up against a wall, low-frequency resonance can build up giving you a less than accurate representation of the low-end in your mix. The HS8W helps combat this effect with a ROOM CONTROL switch that can attenuate everything below 500Hz by -2 or -4 dB. There is a also a HIGH TRIM switch that can be set flat, or give you ± 2dB of extra control of everything above 2kHz.


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